Migration to Drupal Site

People are finding it increasingly difficult to migrate their site to the more stable and module Drupal. Migrating a website to Drupal would help you in more than one ways, one that you get to use all the features that are in-built in Drupal and other is that you have a much bigger and stable system at your disposal.We specialize in migration of all the data from the clients site to the new Drupal based site and even upgrades sites from the older version of Drupal to the latest version.

Working at a Web development firm, we have done many migration project and successfully built many web sites for our clients based on Drupal.

It had been some time since I'd done a migration to Drupal. Not since the passing of Flexinode and the rise of CCK, but from experience working with the FeedAPI and FeedAPI Element Mapper I already knew the way to go creating node objects and using the Drupal node_save() function. This being a pretty complicated site there are a whole host of hooks that need to be called for every node or, if you don't do that, have to be recreated.


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