Drupal Theme Development

EOT Infotech has comprehensive experience in creating customized Drupal themes according to client requirements. We are one of the largest Drupal theme development houses in the world and have developed many themes for our clients.

An attractive theme will have a good chance of giving a better impression on a first time visitor of a website. One of the greatest things about the Drupal CMS is that it can support any look you want it to in a just click of a button. Themes/designs are a very unique part of a web site. It has to be give a good impact.

The process of Theme Development involves briefing of design specification by the client. Once the layout is confirmed, the design is coded to XHTML/CSS, and finally the design is converted into an actual Drupal theme. This process ensures both that the original client specifications are met, and that the design results in a standards-compliant, cross-browser compatible theme.

Some of its features include:

  • Dynamic multiple column layouts and allows for easy resizing of the main content regions.
  • Supports site name, slogan, mission, comment user pictures, search box, and primary and secondary links.
  • Includes an attractive maintenance/site off-line template.
  • CSS based (no tables) design and valid XHTML 1.0 Strict/ CSS 2.1.
  • Integration of Suckerfish drop-down menu into primary links.
  • Small file sizes to achieve a light-weight and fast-loading website.
  • Several configurable styles for the primary navigation and footer.
  • Tabs based on the sliding doors technique with hover-over effects.
  • Support for several popular modules including I18N,Image Assist, Digg This, Taxonomy, etc.
  • Support for the color module so you can easily change the color scheme.


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