Building multisites with Drupal

Drupal training course overview
One of the more powerful features of Drupal is the ability to create 'multisites', multiple sites sharing the same codebase and optionally the same data.

Course requirements
Working knowledge of Drupal, some knowledge of webserver configuration an advantage

Course Duration
8 hours (1 day)

20,000 INR / 500 USD per delegate at our premises in India, 30,000 INR or 750 USD for up to 5 delegates at your premises. Interested in multiple courses or variations - contact us

Drupal training course outline

  • Uses, advantages and examples of multisites
  • Configuring your web server to handle multisites
  • Upgrading your mulit-site
  • Simple multisites, shared code base with different data
  • Moving forward, shared codebase and shared data
  • Site specific settings, and theme tricks

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