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Top Rank Solutions specializes in Internet marketing, e-commerce consulting and web site optimization training and support services, including search engine optimization (SEOi), web site speed optimization and Internet strategy development. If your site is performing poorly in search results in Googlei, Bing, Yahooi and other search engines, or you need to drive targeted traffic to your web site, we can help resolve these issues.
Our Total Web Site Optimizationi approach to web site development covers a wide range of performance issues, and helps assure that your web site delivers impressive results with both users and search engines.
Ranking a website in Google in the top 10 position with the desired keywords, (chosen using Google analytics) can only be achieved using professional SEO techniques used in conjunction with great understanding of Google search engine algorithms. Improving keyword rankings and guaranteeing top-10 positions on Google is what our search engine placement services are all about. Our Google based SEO services strictly follow guidelines stated at Google SEO Standards on
Research on the right keywords with which your site will get ranked in the top10 search results in the major search engines. Optimise your web pages according to the themei of the site and make them more search engine friendly. Create suitable and relevant links to your site from other topic-related sites in order to attract relevant traffic to your site. Submit your site to the directories and major search engines. The time frame for a smooth progress towards Top 10 Rankings can vary from a minimum of 1 month to 10 months for any SEO project, depending on the competition in the chosen business theme. We will be providing you with a weekly Progress Report of the project. The Progress Report includes a ranking report as well as an optimization report of the Internet Marketing Project.


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