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SEO is a complex art. It's origins are basically in science and in terms of high Google rankings you can begin by looking at a scientific equation 'Google's algorithm'. Google uses this as the first basis from which it will ultimately determine where any web page should rank for a relevant search phrase entered into Google. But from a scientific beginning SEO turns into an art. This is because much is left unknown by Google and so is subject to interpretation and experience. Part of SEO involves highly technical knowledge including server setup, htaccess file control, robots.txt files, and so on.  The finer details of page name structure (hyphens or underscores?), anchor text and content relevancy emerge as one studies SEO management over a period of time. On top of this Google is evolving and changing its algorithm over time, so for most companies with a web presence it pays dividends to invest in professional SEO management to ensure their site is everything it can be for them.

For your company website optimisation campaign to be really successful may depend on the SEO account management. For an internet marketing company to have successful SEO account management their account managers need to be experienced, professional, and have communication skills to simplify the company website design search engine optimisation process and most importantly be honest and straight up regarding your marketing online. For an advertising company offering SEO account management the SEO account managers must communicate at least once a month with a customer throughout the company website optimisation campaign. The SEO account managers will need to let you know how much traffic the web pages their advertising agency created for you, receives each and every month so you can monitor the progress of your online media solution. It is important for successful SEO account management that the SEO account managers work alongside the optimizer to do a report on your company website ranking before you launch your company website internet marketing promotion for all your chosen keywords position in the listings, on the search engine you want your company website to appear on. This way SEO account management will be able to monitor the progress of your company website positioning throughout your website design search engine optimisation campaign.


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