Project Management

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Many companies are looking to bring on highly skilled, well trained IT consulting organizations to manage projects for them. It makes sense to do so for economic, logistic and practical reasons. Companies do not have time to experiment and need to ensure that their IT projects are implemented correctly and on time. They need to design, deploy, and manage the right projects on time and under budget. This is a primary reason why companies look to EOT Infotech for superior project management.

Normal steps in the EOT Infotech project management process may include:

  • Compile detailed requirement analysis and scope of the project.
  • Project Life-Cycle Development and Control.
  • Research and Development related to technology and service deliverables.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Cost analysis, estimates and financial control.
  • Role and responsibility planning.
  • Contract administration and documentation control.
  • Implementation planning & project procedure scheduling.
  • Timeframe planning.
  • Utilization of technical resources.
  • Coordination of management & progress meetings.
  • Coordination of outsourced consultants and entities.
  • Communication procedures.
  • Training & skills transfer.
  • Quality Assurance .
  • Technical documentation.
  • Project handover.


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