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EOT Infotech has been investing in customizing and deploying Open Source Applications and frameworks since its inception. Our rich portfolio of web applications on WAMP platform & covering different subjects is enough to prove our capability & knowledge base. Experience gained through a variety of projects enables us to expand our offshore development solutions. With hardly any publicity, PHP has swept the Web. PHP can now be found on close to 8 million domains, and is growing at a rate of up to 15% each month. PHP is available on over 42% of Apache Web servers - the most common server on the Web. EOT Infotech provides timely, efficient and affordable PHP Programming Services, in order to provide outsource PHP programming services for both new and existing dynamic websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL combination becoming choice of masses for delivering dynamic web content. Please do have a look at our Portfolio to get the level of experience our developers possess.

Environments: WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/ Perl/ Python)

Technologies: CMSs ( Joomla and Drupal)


EOT Infotech provides you various development options as per your needs:

Dedicated Programmer Team

EOT Infotech caters clients across the globe with its professional PHP development services. Our professional, experienced dedicated PHP development team ensures complete transparency and work in line with client’s staff. The team will coordinate and adhere with the client’s requirements and time schedules to ensure timely completion of the process.

Project Based Programmer Team

The technology today is continuously changing. It becomes extremely important to maintain an in-house maintenance team that is well aware of the latest advancements and can run the maintenance activities accordingly. Here, we are providing a solution to this by offering project based programmer team.

Our Team of experienced Web Developers offer maintenance procedures, irrespective of the nature and the location factor of the application development to ensure smooth functioning of the activities within your organization.

Advantages of PHP / My SQL Application Development with EOT Infotech:

1. Improve your organization’s visibility by building high-performance data warehouse applications in PHP & My SQL.

2. Minimize costs with a cost-effective and affordable PHP & My SQL web application Development that reduces costs and improves       profits.


3. Give your Online Store customers a personalized shopping experience through our Robust PHP Web applications Development         Services.


4. Increase productivity and sales by building CRM using PHP & My SQL Applications Development that automate sales and                   marketing process.


5. Minimize operational costs by developing automated applications systems that upgrade your manual processes.


6. Improve customer service by giving you the highly-responsive, continuously online systems with real-time support.


7. Broad Platform Support – PHP & MySQL supports most popular platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Mac           OsX, Novell Net ware etc.

Some of the PHP Web Applications we can develop and have developed for our clients:

1. On-demand Custom PHP Web Development

2. Customer Service Applications in PHP & MySQL

3. Job Boards/Portal Custom PHP Software Development

4. Classified and Online Ads Posting website using PHP and MySQL

5. Secure Message boards Application Development in PHP & MySQL

6. E-Commerce Web Development in PHP & MySQL

7. Inventory Management System using PHP Application Development

8. Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart using PHP Application Development

9.Search Engine Friendly Content Management System (CMS) using PHP Application Development

10. MySQL Database Driven Calendar Application Development in PHP

11. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) based PHP Web Application Development

12. Custom Webmasters Tools & Script Development

13. PHP and MySQL Web site Design and Development

14. WYSIWYG Editor based PHP & MySQL Application Development


EOT Infotech have the job opening under various positions. Any freshers or experienced candidate can apply for the post. For details please contact or submit your application at

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