Backup and Recovery

Data collected over the years can be the most crucial asset of a business. However, if not backed up properly, it can fast turn into a liability and lead to losses which cannot be compensated for. At EOT Web Hosting, we provide reliable backup services that safeguard your vital data for a long time to come. Our servers – located in the UK, the US and India – safeguard your business through a data backup service that is highly reliable and comprehensive. We have the technical expertise to protect your valuable business data against hackers, computer viruses, power failures, fire, or for that matter, even against natural disasters. We provide you with RAID 1 Aka Mirroring Backup and Legato Backup Agent to simultaneously save your data to the hard disk. Our solutions are fully automated, making it easier than ever to take a backup of your crucial data and information. The minimal employee time and resources going to your backups can redirect your focus where it should be – on your core business.